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"Carmen Lee has a way of singing hardly to be compared with anyone, which gives the Tomorrow River Two their very own sound...pure and original rockabilly/country music.


"Hearing the crackle of a needle hitting the vinyl has always put chills down my spine, but it's the voices that would echo off those records that were the most haunting. It seems that no one can sing like they use to; a certain pitch that carries their soul and heartache. But when I first heard Carmen Lee, I felt like I was listening to one of my old country records! You can hear the authenticity coming out of her! With classic looks to match, Carmen Lee is the real deal."~ -Doris Mayday

Doris Mayday

"Carmen Lee's got it goin' on...never heard this sound! Her voice is simply amazing. So glad to hear something different and very very COOL!!!"

-The Legendary Huelyn Duvall

"Carmen Lee is a super artist--The Queen of Honkytonk Crooners!"

-The Legendary Charlie Gracie

"Carmen Lee has an amazing and unique voice. She is authentic yet she is an original. In my opinion she is the Queen of the Hillbilly Crooners!"

-Blake Clayton of

"Carmen Lee has a sweet voice, awesome style and well crafted songs that fearlessly pull from many musical genres. Beautiful songs from a beautiful entertainer...what more can you ask for?"

-El Demento of Radio KAOS Austin's Smooth & Demented Show

"A talented singer, good lyrics and memorable melodies, the influence of country and rockabilly-that's Carmen Lee. Upbeat tunes, lonesome country ballads, dark/sad tales, and reminiscent of Patsy Cline....her dusky voice captures many moods and you'll want to listen to them all. You can't go wrong with Carmen Lee!"

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